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This site is truly a labor of love. There's just one person - me - maintaining the site, and here's how it works.

Folks just like you e-mail me scanned images of tickets, passes, and laminates. Or a friend will drop off their stash of tickets. Or a complete stranger will snail mail me their tickets. These images are of varying quality. When I find time (rather, make time), I resize these guys to a standard size. Here's the sizing I use:

-GDTS Tickets: 2.181 inches wide
-Ticketmaster/Ticketron/Bass: 2.5 inches wide
-Backstage Passes: 3 inches wide
-Laminates: 3 inches wide

Everything is at 72dpi - I found this to be a good balance weighing the cost of download time and space versus archival quality. Most images have been optimized to maximize resolution for their size.

Some tickets or passes were pretty wrecked by various elements (rain, sweat, etc). When possible, I've done my best to repair these digitally. In some cases, I edited out the tear marks or tape marks on torn tickets or passes.

All the images and contributors are tied together in a simple database, which allows me to easily display the images in various ways, run statistics, make updates, etc. I use Deadlists as my source for venue names - an excellent site. I also use The Jerry Site for JGB venue info.

Each time the home page loads, you get an up-to-date count of images. Also, a random image is displayed for your enjoyment. That's about it.

If you would like to contribute, feel free to e-mail me as many images as you want. Please scan them at a relatively high resolution. My preferred format is JPG.

I hope you enjoy the site - thanks for visiting!