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Welcome to Grateful Dead Tickets, Passes, & Laminates!
3,232 images online!

Welcome to the definitive online resource for Grateful Dead ticket stubs, backstage passes, and laminates. Please see the details if you would like to contribute. We are working in collaboration with The Deadlists Project and The Jerry Site in order to bring you setlists as well as all these images.

** News **
06/10/04 - You can how click on the little note icon next to a venue name to do a search on to download and listen to a show. Thanks to for the idea!

07/21/04 - You can now send an E-card to your friends with any of the images on this site! Whenever you see an image, there will be a corresponding link that's labeled "[Send as E-Card]". Just click it and amaze your friends!

05/29/04 - Finally got through a huge backlog of tickets and posted them to the site. I added a link for Phil Lesh tickets, too.

11/16/03 - I just got a nice e-mail from Robert Hunter regarding my new bluegrass album. "Enjoyed the Catfish Gracie album," he wrote. "Tennessee Blue and Kalamazoograss are especially outstanding." To hear samples, check out

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