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DateVenue [Click on venue name for setlist, if available]ImagesContributors
02-19-71Capitol Theatre - Port Chester, NYT  Deadhead's Taping Compendium [Ticket]
03-03-71Fillmore West - San Francisco, CAT  
03-18-71Fox Theatre - St. Louis, MO
[Originally scheduled for 3-17-71]
03-21-71Exposition Center - Milwaukee, WIT  
04-04-71Manhattan Center - New York, NYT Maureen (Rooney) Melick [Ticket]
04-05-71Manhattan Center - New York, NYT Doc Gillespie [Ticket]
Alan Richman [Ticket]
04-06-71Manhattan Center - New York, NYT  
04-08-71Boston Music Hall - Boston, MAT Doc Gillespie [Ticket]
Rich Jarowski [Ticket]
04-15-71Allegheny State College - Meadville, PAT  
04-18-71Lusk Field House - Cortland, NYT Doc Gillespie [Ticket]
Alan Richman [Ticket]
04-21-71Rhode Island Auditorium - Providence, RIT Dan Mann [Ticket]
04-25-71Fillmore East - New York, NYT  Deadhead's Taping Compendium [Ticket]
04-26-71Fillmore East - New York, NYT  Deadhead's Taping Compendium [Ticket]
04-28-71Fillmore East - New York, NYT  
04-29-71Fillmore East - New York, NYT  
05-29-71Winterland Arena - San Francisco, CAT  
07-31-71Yale Bowl, Yale U - New Haven, CTT  
08-05-71Hollywood Palladium - Hollywood, CAT Tom Crabtree [Ticket]
08-06-71Hollywood Palladium - Hollywood, CAT  
08-24-71Auditorium Theatre - Chicago, ILT Doc Gillespie [Ticket]
John Kocourek [Ticket]
08-26-71Gaelic Park - The Bronx, NY
[Originally scheduled for 7-30-71]
T Doc Gillespie [Ticket]
Alan Richman [Ticket]
10-22-71Auditorium Theatre - Chicago, ILT Doc Gillespie [Ticket]
John Kocourek [Ticket]
10-26-71The Palestra - Rochester, NYT Doc Gillespie [Ticket]
Alan Richman [Ticket]
10-27-71Onondaga County War Memorial - Syracuse, NYT  
10-31-71Ohio Theatre - Columbus, OHT Doc Gillespie [Ticket]
Alan Richman [Ticket]
11-14-71Texas Christian University - Fort Worth, TXT  
12-04-71Felt Forum, Madison Square Garden - New York, NYT Richard Forrest [Ticket]
12-05-71Felt Forum, Madison Squar - New York, NYT  
12-06-71Felt Forum, Madison Squar - New York, NYT Eric Schwartz [Ticket]
Mark Blaker [Ticket]
12-07-71Felt Forum, Madison Squar - New York, NYT  
12-10-71Fox Theatre - St. Louis, MOT Doc Gillespie [Ticket]
John Idoux [Ticket]
12-14-71Hill Auditorium - Ann Arbor, MIT