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DateVenue [Click on venue name for setlist, if available]ImagesContributors
1989MiscellaneousL [Fall Winter 1989]
L [Spring 1989]
L [Summer 1989]
02-05-89Kaiser Convention Center - Oakland, CAT B L Larry Royal [Ticket]
Greg Pearson [Laminate]
02-06-89Kaiser Convention Center - Oakland, CAT B L Larry Royal [Ticket]
Greg Pearson [Laminate]
02-07-89Kaiser Convention Center - Oakland, CAT B L Larry Royal [Ticket]
Greg Pearson [Laminate]
02-10-89The Forum - Inglewood, CAT B  
02-11-89The Forum - Inglewood, CAT B  
02-12-89The Forum - Inglewood, CAT  
03-17-89Kaiser Auditorium - Oakland, CA
03-27-89The Omni - Atlanta, GAT B Erik vanOphuijsen [Ticket]
03-28-89The Omni - Atlanta, GAT B Erik vanOphuijsen [Ticket]
03-30-89Greensboro Coliseum - Greensboro, NCT Edward Leiken [Ticket]
03-31-89Greensboro Coliseum - Greensboro, NCT B Tony DiCarlo [Ticket]
Erik vanOphuijsen [Ticket]
04-02-89Civic Arena - Pittsburgh, PAT B Drew Freeman [Ticket]
04-03-89Civic Arena - Pittsburgh, PAT B  
04-05-89Crisler Arena - Ann Arbor, MIT B  
04-06-89Crisler Arena - Ann Arbor, MIT B  
04-08-89Riverfront Arena - Cincinnati, OHT B Kevin Gills [Ticket]
04-09-89Freedom Hall - Louisville, KYT B Kevin Gills [Ticket]
04-11-89Rosemont Horizon - Rosemont, ILT B Kevin Gills [Ticket]
04-12-89Rosemont Horizon - Rosemont, ILT B Kevin Gills [Ticket]
04-13-89Rosemont Horizon - Rosemont, ILT B Kevin Gills [Ticket]
04-15-89The Mecca - Milwaukee, WIT B Robert Hamilton [Ticket]
04-16-89The Mecca - Milwaukee, WIT B Kevin Gills [Ticket]
04-17-89Metropolitan Sports Center - Bloomington, MNT B Erik vanOphuijsen [Ticket]
04-28-89Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre - Irvine, CAB  
04-29-89Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre - Irvine, CAT B  
04-30-89Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre - Irvine, CAT B  
05-06-89Frost Amphitheatre - Palo Alto, CAT B  
05-07-89Frost Amphitheatre - Palo Alto, CAT B  
05-27-89Oakland Stadium - Oakland, CAT L Larry Royal [Ticket]
06-18-89Shoreline Amphitheatre - Mountain View, CAT L  
06-19-89Shoreline Amphitheatre - Mountain View, CAT L  
06-21-89Shoreline Amphitheatre - Mountain View, CAT B L Karl Bruner [Ticket]
07-02-89Sullivan Stadium - Foxboro, MAT B  
07-04-89Rich Stadium - Orchard Park, NYT B Grant Wood [Ticket]
07-07-89JFK Stadium - Philadelphia, PAT B Tony DiCarlo [Ticket]
07-09-89Giants Stadium - East Rutherford, NJT B Steve Zipser [Backstage Pass]
07-10-89Giants Stadium - East Rutherford, NJT B Steve Zipser [Backstage Pass]
07-12-89RFK Stadium - Washington, D.C.T T B Edward Leiken [Ticket]
07-13-89RFK Stadium - Washington, D.C.T T B Edward Leiken [Ticket]
07-15-89Deer Creek Music Center - Noblesville, INT Kevin Gills [Ticket]
07-17-89Alpine Valley Music Theatre - East Troy, WIT Kevin Gills [Ticket]
07-18-89Alpine Valley Music Theatre - East Troy, WIT B Jake Frost [Ticket]
07-19-89Alpine Valley Music Theatre - East Troy, WIT B Kevin Gills [Ticket]
Steve Zipser [Backstage Pass]
08-04-89Cal Expo Amphitheatre - Sacramento, CAT B  
08-05-89Cal Expo Amphitheatre - Sacramento, CAT B  
08-06-89Cal Expo Amphitheatre - Sacramento, CAT  
08-17-89Greek Theatre, U of California - Berkeley, CAL  
08-18-89Greek Theatre, U of California - Berkeley, CAT B L  
08-19-89Greek Theatre, U of California - Berkeley, CAT B L Larry Royal [Ticket]
08-20-89Greek Theatre, U of California - Berkeley, CA
T B Larry Royal [Ticket]
09-29-89Shoreline Amphitheatre - Mountain View, CAT B  
09-30-89Shoreline Amphitheatre - Mountain View, CAT B  
10-01-89Shoreline Amphitheatre - Mountain View, CAT B  
10-08-89Hampton Coliseum - Hampton, VAT B Edward Leiken [Ticket]
10-09-89Hampton Coliseum - Hampton, VAT B Edward Leiken [Ticket]
10-11-89Meadowlands Arena - East Rutherford, NJT B  
10-12-89Meadowlands Arena - East Rutherford, NJT B  
10-13-89Meadowlands Arena - East Rutherford, NJB  
10-14-89Meadowlands Arena - East Rutherford, NJT Keith S. Brockway [Ticket]
10-15-89Meadowlands Arena - East Rutherford, NJT B King Aiko [Ticket]
10-16-89Meadowlands Arena - East Rutherford, NJT B Jeff Taylor [Ticket]
10-18-89The Spectrum - Philadelphia, PAT B Kevin Gills [Ticket]
10-19-89The Spectrum - Philadelphia, PAT B Kevin Gills [Ticket]
10-20-89The Spectrum - Philadelphia, PAT B L Kevin Gills [Ticket]
10-22-89Charlotte Coliseum - Charlotte, NCT B Kevin Gills [Ticket]
10-23-89Charlotte Coliseum - Charlotte, NCT B Kevin Gills [Ticket]
10-25-89Miami Arena - Miami, FLT B Rich Petlock [Backstage Pass]
10-26-89Miami Arena - Miami, FLT B  
12-06-89Oakland Coliseum - Oakland, CAT L Larry Royal [Ticket]
12-08-89The Forum - Inglewood, CAT B Michael Uman [Ticket]
12-09-89The Forum - Inglewood, CAT B Michael Uman [Ticket]
12-10-89The Forum - Inglewood, CAT B Karl Bruner [Ticket]
12-27-89Oakland Coliseum - Oakland, CAT B Greg Taylor [Ticket]
12-28-89Oakland Coliseum - Oakland, CAT B Edward Leiken [Ticket]
12-30-89Oakland Coliseum - Oakland, CAT Frank Ursomarso [Ticket]
12-31-89Oakland Coliseum - Oakland, CAT L Bill [Ticket]